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My publishers have ashed me to use the occasiongiven by a new edition of The Story of Philosophy to discuss thegeneral question of "outlines" and to consider. THE STORY OF PHILOSOPHY BY WILL DURANT NEW REVISED EDITION ILLUSTRATED GARDEN CITY PUBLISHING CO., INC, NEW YORK Socrates TO . my testimony can induce a justified belief in you because the processes involved in you forming The Nature of Testimoni.

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The Story Of Philosophy Pdf

Among the important philosophical issues that The Story of Philosophy addresses The Story of Philosophy is the guide to this fascinating subject. The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant - A brilliant and concise account of the lives and ideas of the great philosophers—Plato, Aristotle, Bacon, Spinoza. Will Durant - The Story of c Views. 5 years ago. Philosophy, · Spinoza, · Aristotle, · Voltaire, · Plato, · Individual, · Kant, · Nietzsche, .

Unrivaled in its and clarity Philosophy The Story of insight, an approachable guide to is the history of ideas and thinking. His its deep appreciation of the complexities have enabled produce a book accessible to the general to reader, yet substantial enough more experienced for the student. Philosophers question the fundamental principles underlying all knowledge and existence. Among the important philosophical issues that The Story of Philosophy addresses are questions such as "What being? Additional background information puts the philosophers in historical context with the influences that shaped their lives Comprehensive, highly visual, and and work. The Story of Philosophy is the es. But every now and again and wondering what we find ourselves drawing it is all And about. But every along back asks: "Yes, and again somebody comes but what do we actually by freedom? And what do we mean by mean equality? The person may in conflict lives as lot we say: "Surely freedom and equality are with one another? If that's true, then no good us saying it's we're in favour of freedom and equality and just leaving it at that. It is There's an element of contradiction involved. In embarking on what is known they arc this case they are as political philosophy. So one might say it lakes two to philosophize, and philosophy is a shared search for the truth. But one of them says: justice, do we mean the same as mean when they talk about social about politicians or are if we talking about something different here?

The Story of Philosophy

It is as if the universe itself embodies ralionalily. It is as if somebody once said: "God committed artist, in a different relies on on form from the philosopher direct perception rational argument.

Again, the scientist like the philosopher and the creative trying to engaged artist, is make new these, and to publish rational is and the discoveries about the world nature of our experience of philosopher, in truth-seeking enquiry, it, make sense of And he, like the and his findings. In his case key difference from the philosopher that the scientist is form.

They enrich one human being interested in H 1 1. S J P another, and a fully rounded will find himself all P three.

This becoming book tells naturally the story of one of them, philosophy. Like the other two, it is among the most fascinating and valuable things that civilization has produced. And, like the others, its future than its is likely to be richer past. And there are no experiments or observations that will had a beginning, or that, which are what tell us whether or not time "rights" are. In fact, as we in common one another. But because they use different methods, and follow different paths, they different may sometimes appeal Salvador dali, homage to newton to temperaments.

The Story of Philosophy.pdf - BFLYAN MAGEE PHILOSOPHY THE...

Yet they share the goal AUui has the ability not only to explore space outside himself but own and feelin;j,. This seems to have begun among the early Greeks, in the 6th, 5th, and 4th centuries BC. Bronze head of aphrodite This bronze 2nd or 1st head was found century bc and al Salala, Turkey.

In the great to our own day. This in These two developments itself in the own. I he Jiisl hnoivn philosopher. The lies, was born Socrates The birthplace of western philosophy lime in the Weslent workt bc in the eastern Alediterranean.

Nearly all the early philosophers lived on one of the region coastlines or islands. He came to believe that it floated on air in the sort of way the lid of a boiling saucepan sometimes have flat, as the do not know equidistance as cylindrical. Human knowledge had become too great for the human mind. All that remained was the scientific specialist, 'Who kne'llJ "more and more about less and less," and the philosophical speculator, who knew less and less about more and more.

Perapecti'Vewas lost. For if knowledge became too great for comm'llinication, :it. The, pumilits ,possibly , krin. By the humor of history, histechnicaZ works were lost, and, his popular works, remain. By the irony, of history it is these popular dialogues that Mve given Plato his reputation in the schools.

Meanwhile Hendrik Willem van Loon had romped over the same ground with a pen in one hand, a pencil in the other, and a He cared nothing for dignity, and loved joke surpassing well; a he went laughing down the centuries, and pointed Ms moral with drawings and smiles. The world was becoming reptitiously Scandalously informed about history. The appetite of the layman grew by what were it fed on. There m America millions of men and women who had been un- and who thirsted for the findings of history and science; even those who had gone through college able to go to college, showed a moderate hunger for knowledge.

When John Macy The Story of the World's Literature thousands welcomed it as a genial and illuminating survey of a fascinating field. And when The Story of Philosophy appeared it had the good fortune to catch this wave of curiosity on the rise, and to be lifted to an wndreamed-of popularity.

Readers were astonished to find that philosophy was interesting because it was, literally, a matter of life and death.

They passed along the word to their friends, and soon it became the fashion to praise, to download, even, occasionally, to read, this book that had been written for a few.

History of Philosophy - PDF Free Download

All in all it was such a sicccess as no author who has known it once can ever hope to know again. Then came the food. Outline followed outline, "story" foh lowed "sidry"; science and art, religion and law, had their published. Cer fain lesser figures have been ojnitted in order that those 'selected might have the space tijjuired to make them live.

The worst sin of dOr— though the critics do not seem to have noticed, it—vpas, the omission of Chinese and Hindu philosophy.

Buddha and Shanhara, No apology That dismal is offered for the neglect of epistemology. This chapter should have pleased the yowng pwndit, for it came very near to obscurity.

Howevir, one professor of philosophy, a Midwest vmversity, sent the information that he had been teaching Kant for fifteen years, and had never understood Kant's mecming until he read this eletiieritary chapter.

M Philosophy is Essentially the completion of science in the synthesis of wisdom. Epistemology, phenomenology, logic, etc.

Story Of Philosophy - Will Durant.pdf - THE STORY OF...

And Spengler describes the earlier Chinese philosophers, down. Doubtless now that epistemology is dying in Germany, it will be exported to America, as a fit return to Confucius, as "statesmen, regents, lawgivers, like.

The Chinese philosophers were not only averse to epistemol- ogy, they had an almost Gallic disdain for prolonged metaNo yoimg metaphysician could admit that Con- physics. Worse fucius is than thaty he is disreputably intelligible; arid nothing could be damaging to a philosopher.

But we "modems" have become so accustomed to wmdy verbiage in philosophy that when philosophy is presented without the verbiage we can with difOne must pay a penalty for having a ficulty recognize it.

The Story tried to salt itself with a seasoning of humor, riot only because wisdom is not wise if it secures away merriment, but because a sense of humor, being born of perspective, bears a near kinship to philosophy; each is the soul of the other. But this appears to have displeased the pwndits; nothing so hurt the book with them as its smiles. A reputation for humor is disastrous to statesmen and philosophers:

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